Tri Valley Horsemans Association
The Tri-Valley Horseman’s Association Inc.,
(TVHA),was established in 1970.  The club
encompasses a 75-mile radius from the center of
Unadilla, NY.  TVHA promotes sportsmanship,
fun, learning and a family oriented atmosphere.  
Several shows are held during the show season
where members accumulate points toward year
end awards.  An annual banquet is held to honor
the members earning awards.

A board of directors is made up of 12 dedicated,
hard working volunteers that put countless hours
into the club.  Monthly meetings are held
throughout the year and members are welcome to
attend and see what’s going on.  An annual
meeting is conducted before March 1st, at which
proposed rule changes are voted on and put into
effect for the club's calender year starting March
1st.  A rule book is provided for our members.

TVHA also has a riding program that allows
members to log hours that they ride or drive their
horse.  Awards for accumulated hours are given
at the banquet.

If members are into dressage, they are welcome
to compete in any open dressage show and keep
a tally of their scores. The Dressage Show MUST
allow anyone to compete (4-H is excluded).  At the
end of the season, members submit their three
best scores and awards are given at the banquet.

TVHA hosts two horse shows per year.  Classes
are offered in these discplines-  Gymkhana,
Huntseat, Driving, Western and Saddle Seat
classes.  These two shows are our main fund
raisers for the year to provide for our awards
banquet. TVHA also hosts trail rides and clinics
whenever possible.

All other shows listed on our schedule are
sponsored by other clubs and pointed for TVHA.  
Members can attend these shows and
accumulate points for year end awards.  
Categories are specified in the rule book and
current point standings are posted on the TVHA
website.  At the end of the show season, winners
can choose their awards.  We also allow
recipients to combine awards for bigger prizes.  
All awards are then presented at the annual
Check out our NEWS page for the latest
information and updates!
February 15th @1pm Walton Village Hall
(near Walton theatre)